CRM 2011: Increase export to excel limit (10000) – Different Approach

Installation Type: CRM Online an/or On-Premise.

Here is the solution if you have CRM Online. I know this works. Using Excel 2013(will not work on 2010).
1. Export a very small subset (say 100 records) of data using Web Client(Browser) using Export to Excel functionality.
2. In the Export dialog, choose “Dynamics Worksheet”. When finished, CRM will spit out an xxx.xml file.
3. Save to Desktop and open it within Excel 2013. Under the Data ribbon tab, select “Refresh from CRM”.
4. Once this is done and you see the exact same set as Export criteria, you can save this file as “.xlsx” file.
5. Create a oData query using open source tools to retrieve say contacts modified in last 30 days.
6. Under Data tab in Excel, “Choose a oData feed from ‘From Other Sources’ under ‘Get External Data’ group”.
7. Paste the oData query into the Browse text box and click NEXT, NEXT, OK.
8. Viola. It will be slow if you have lots of data and you might get kicked out during the import. Be careful with this approach since there is no way to cancel the download. If you have large sets of data, you might want to write oData query that will break it down into smaller pieces.

What I like with approach is it is not a change at Organization level. We can provide this as a feature for Power Users who is more interested in analytics using Power BI (PowerPivot/PowerView/PowerQuery). This approach will bypass the 10000 record limit with Export to Excel from CRM. Just now exported almost 33K contacts record with 19 columns of data. Not sure where the limit is for this approach.