CRM 2015 – Enhancements in creating business rules

Enhancements in creating business rules

In the initial release of business rules, you could only evaluate whether all conditions in a rule were true. In the upcoming release, you can use multiple logical expressions, with combined OR and AND operators, to define a more complex and rich business logic. With added support of the If-Else operators, creating branching logic is a simpler task. The business process flow branching capability is built on the new If-Else logic.

In addition, we will provide a capability to evaluate the business rules on the server. When you set the scope of the business rule at an entity level, the rule is evaluated on the server. In the previous release, we provided a simple declarative interface for you to apply form logic without writing JavaScript code. But, the rule logic was only evaluated in the clients that supported business rules, such as the CRM Web application or CRM for tablets. For the business rule logic that had to be evaluated on the server and applied to all clients you still needed to implement the plug-ins and run them on the server. With this release, you will be able to evaluate the business rules on the server and apply them to all clients without writing code. For example, you can move the logic for commonly used scenarios out of plug-ins into the entity-level business rules that you define in the CRM user interface. Also, the support for setting default values has been added to the business rules. For instance, if a company named Contoso does business only in the United States, a simple business rule can be implemented that on creation of an incoming lead, the country is automatically set to “U.S.A”.


CRM 2015 – New Features. Let the drooling begin.

Multi-Entity Quick Find (Da best) :

Global Advanced Find :

Custom & OOB Hierarchies (Booyah!): &

Calculated Fields :

Nested Quick Create Forms :

Condition Operators (Above and Under for Hierarchies) : &

Branching Business Process Flows (Awesome) :

Social Listening (for On-Premise) :

Unified Service Desk (Customer Service focused & cross app integration with CTI/Telephony):

Rollup Fields (Huge):

More to come. Looking forward to seeing the CRM Power View client in action. This will bring CRM into the major leagues with BI Visualization.

CRM 2015 – Autumn Blitz Training

Gives an idea of what to expect for Fall Vega release, aka CRM 2015.

Registration open for the Autumn Blitz Training – get to know CRM 2015

What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Fall Wave Release Code Name Vega

Editor’s note: Post I gathered this info is gone! Nowhere to be seen. As the article notes, this is pre-release/unconfirmed information on Microsoft’s release plans.

An updated version of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM roadmap surfaced today and it featured a release schedule beyond the Q4 2014 major release codenamed “Vega”, which may become “CRM 2015”. Moving into the year 2015, the Dynamics CRM roadmap continues to separate features between social, marketing, Parature, and core CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM roadmap 2014 2015 (click to enlarge)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2014/2015 Roadmap

As for Dynamics CRM Vega, this is a release focusing on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Core product. The Fall Wave release Vega applies to both CRM Online and CRM On-Premise.

So Vega is apparently going to be officially named: CRM 2015. It will be released before end of this year (Q4 2014). It is expected to include some core product features in Dynamics CRM that many have been waiting for!

New features and enhancements in Vega Dynamics CRM 2015 are:

Business Process Improvements:

  • Rule-based branching
  • Single Edit experience
  • Support for multiple entity loops
  • Programmability through Client API
  • Active processes
  • Change of currently active process
  • Move Stages
  • Stage selection and Changing of currently active stage

User Experience Improvements:

  • Multi Entity Search Capability (horraayy!)
  • A new Advanced Search Button
  • Nested Quick Create forms

Mobility Features:

  • The addition of 29 new Languages
  • More Dashboards and new concept of Home-pages
  • Support of “Any Device”
  • Ability to have offline drafts

Enterprise Sales Features:

  • Entity Hierarchy
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell capabilities (also know as Next Buy Actions)
  • External Pricing features
  • Attribute Inheritance
  • Product Relationship
  • Bundles

XRM and Development Advances:

  • Complex calculations (Calculated Fields & Roll-up of values) (Yes!)
  • Hierarchical Relationship Property
  • Ability to query multiple entities
  • Hierarchical Security Models
  • Field Level Security for system fields (out of the box fields)

Analytics and Business Intelligence Enhancements:

  • Power BI in CRM Web client
  • Transactional reporting of CRM on Windows Mobile Client Application
  • Roll up on different fields across hierarchies

Specific for CRM Online (Microsoft’s Online First motto):

  • Self-Service
  • Sign up process Simplification
  • Global Expansion from 42 to 61 Markets (Latin America data center)
  • Multi-Geographical tenants
  • Scaling out Organization Synchronization
  • Minimal downtime Upgrades
  • Addition of Load balancing

Supported OS and Software Requirements:

  • Windows Server –2012 & 2012 R2
  • Windows Client – Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8
  • ADFS – 2.0, 2.1, 2.2
  • SQL Server – 2012
  • Exchange Server –2010 & 2013
  • Outlook – 2010 & 2013

Software and OS no longer supported:

  • Windows Server 2008 & 2008 R2
  • SQL server 2008 & 2008R2
  • Windows Small Business Server ( all version )
  • 2008 Series Terminal Servers
  • Windows Vista
  • SharePoint 2007
  • Exchange 2007
  • IE 8, IE 9
  • Office 2007

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DISCLAIMER: All of this pre-release information and is subject to change at any point in time.