How to obtain FetchXML

OK. I think this comes up more often that you can remember. I hope this helps with anyone trying to learn CRM and how to put FetchXML queries to use.

1. Login into the CRM Web Application.
2. Go to the Entity you want to build a FetchXML Query.
3. From HomeGrid view of the Entity, select “Advanced Find”.
4. If you want FetchXML of an existing View, pick the view or if creating a new one, select NEW for the view.
FetchXML.xml from Advanced Find

5. Once you have built your Query (aka Saved Query), click on Download FetchXML. Save FetchXML.xml file.

Open it in a text editor and Viola, you have your FetchXML Query.

In case you were wondering how to get Layout XML, look up my other post here.