New to CRM 2011!

Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. I’m dedicating this blog to developers who have this utopina dream of developing a solution that is easy for Operations to manage, User to be able to update the system on their own to support their business process and Executive teams seeing what they want. I’m new to CRM starting with CRM 2011. I beleive that Microsoft has come close to supporting this dream for developers by providing the XRM platform in CRM 2011. So far I have done the learning on my own, which I beleive is the best, however not the fastest way. I’m leaning on the shoulders of some who have gone through the pain and will post my experiences working with CRM 2011.

Below is list of resources that I ended up using to start with Dynamics CRM 2011. I’m assuming that you are already familiar with the following technologies that will make the ramp up process easier.

PreRequisites : (Don’t get overwhelmed by this list. On a day to day list of activities, you will get by with two or three technologies listed here. )

  • .Net 3.5/4; C#/VB/JScript
  • Data Related: T-SQL; ADO.NET; Entity Framework, LINQ, XML
  • Integration Platform: Windows Workflow, Web Services/SOAP, WCF, oData (CRM Rest Endpoints)
  • UI Platform: ASP.NET, SilverLight, JQuery/AJAX/JSON.
  • Security: AD and Claim-based Authentication

CRM 2011 Developer Training resources:

More to come. Enjoy CRM 2011!